Friday, March 27, 2009

You're Such An Ice Queen!

John Galliano's ideal beauty for Fall/Winter 2009/2010. The show is absolutely fab! Snow falling, all the girls walking to the end of the runway without tripping over themselves, and intense looks. This is exactly why John is one my favorite designers of all time. He really knows what he's doing whether it be at Galliano or Dior.

Snow queen, Russian bride, the list could go on forever. I immediately thought of a northern Moulin Rouge, especially because the first song of the show was El Tango De Roxanne from the movie.
Like I said, all the models made it without falling. Definitely surprising. Poor ladies.

Be sure to check out the show at the John Galliano website! Both the show and the website are phenomenal!


  1. Look at those shoes! Wow. An architectural feat on your feet.

  2. Wow! I love the colours! Wish I could wear them. The cool pastels never end well for me.

  3. Galliano always has the best runway presentations. And those shoes are insane!


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