Friday, March 20, 2009


It's time for mix number 3! I definitely fucked up in a few spots, but overall I think this selection of music is more "me". Again, let me know what you think.. about the good parts that is!

Download Runway Megamix #3!

1. Mercury (CSS Remix) - Bloc Party
2. 1234 (VanShe Technologic Remix) - Feist
3. Happy Up Here (Boys Noize Remix) - Röyksopp
4. Shut Up and Let Me Go (CLASSIXX Remix) - The Ting Tings
5. L.E.S. Artistes (Left/Right Remix) - Santogold
6. Embrace (Miami Horror & Fred Falke Remix) - PNAU
7. As Above, So Below (Justice Remix) - Klaxons
8. DVNO - Justice
9. The Party - Justice Feat. Uffie
10. Kids - MGMT

1 comment:

  1. Yes!! "Embrace (Miami Horror & Fred Falke Remix)" is one of my favorite tracks of the year. Love that it features Ladyhawke on vocals.


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