Sunday, March 22, 2009

Craft Master, Bahaha.

Another new mix. I know, you're probably sick of them all by now :).

I'm pretty proud of this one. I've almost made no mistakes on this one at all. What really inspired me to create this mix was MSTRKRFT's new release, "Fist of God." More than epic and more than epic amounts of vocals compared to the last one. And because this CD was my inspiration I decided to include all of my favorite songs from it on this new mix, which is surely more than half the release, ha.
Just as a warning for download time, this mix is over 40 minutes long. Enjoy!

Download the Master Cut Mix!

1. It Ain't Love - MSTRKRFT feat. Lil Mo
2. Breakaway - MSTRKRFT feat. Jahmal of the Carps
3. Fist of God - MSTRKRFT
4. Bounce - MSTRKFRT feat. Nore & Isis
5. Vuvuvu - MSTRKRFT
6. Heartbreaker - MSTRKRFT
7. 1000 Cigarettes - MSTRKRFT
8. In My Arms (Kaskade Extended Mix) - Plumb
9. Move for Me (Mind Electric Mix) - Kaskade & Deadmau5
10. This Is How It Goes (Kaskade's Grand Club Edit) - Haley
11. Back of the Van (Fred Falke Ultimate Beverly Mix) - Ladyhawke
12. Anthology 08 (edit) - Noah York City
13. Stress (Auto Remix) - Justice
14. Flux (JFK Remix) - Bloc Party

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  1. YES! I'm excited for this one. At the moment, I'm obsessed with 'It's Blitz'. So good.


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