Saturday, March 7, 2009

The All Inspiring Lindsay

A short while ago DSQUARED² released their fall/winter collection. Their inspiration? Girls like Lindsay. The busy hollywood starlets and socialites running around town with Starbucks in hand seem to all the same style! Insanity! Can you catch the resemblance?

Starbucks definitely got a huge plug throughout the show, but if you ask me, so did crack cocaine.


  1. I'm totally craving Starbucks now! Did you hear about the head of Elite getting busted for cocaine?

  2. LOL, I actually like that look on girls. Remember when Gaultier made those chic water-bottle carriers for girls on the go in the mid 90s? (Love your new banner by the way - j'adore Vespertine).

  3. I hate LL. She is boring, and I imagine she smells sooo bad. Her outfits seem way to contrived for the 'i just don't care' look..
    I don't buy it. Somehow she's actually managed to make casual, look like over-kill.


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