Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The French Inspire Yet Again

Not only does Fevrier's French Vogue boast spreads upon spreads of fantastic photos of Lara Stone, but it also a nice little picture of Marc Jacobs.
Marc has obviously been to the gym in the last little while. I heard he was on some crazy diet. Poor guy. It definitely paid off though. I mean, LOOK AT HIM! Most designers look frumpy and weathered.

I know that this has been my second blog in a row with shirtless men, but I promise I will not be turning it into a male slut fest. The idea is nice though!


  1. Is it weird to say i have a super big crush on Marc Jacobs so this is just HEAVEN!!! for me!

    Love the new look + banner trés bien!

  2. Uh, I've decided that I have one too.

  3. have you seen marc with the new louis vitton bags?!

  4. Ah, no I haven't! Looking now!


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