Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Everything Happens For A Reason

Kathleen Burbridge, I absolutely adore her. Her mother agency is Mode out of Calgary, Alberta. Met her through a friend in second year university when her modeling career was just kicking off. She's a very interesting girl. A joy to talk with!
Kathleen in a stunning Dazed & Confused shoot (click for a larger photo). She definitely has amazing editorial appeal.

Today, while chatting over the internet, I had to ask what her favorite and not so favorable parts of the industry are. According to her and many other models, "traveling and meeting interesting people from all over" ranks among the top reasons for why one would like to become a model. And the not so favored? "Lack of sleep," also similar to most other industry kids. Apparently sleep catches up to even models. "When I came home I slept 10 hours a night for 2 weeks." Yikes. When I asked what the worst she had been through with regards to lack of to sleep she replied, "having to shoot all Sunday, falling asleep at 1am for a 6am call time and working until 9pm." Glamorous, but the girl loves it, and it definitely shows.
Kathleen in Marios Schwab Spring Summer 2009. She's off to Asia soon. I wish her the best of luck! XO.


  1. Love the editorial shot. Gorgeous. :D

  2. thank you for your sweet compliment!

    i want my hair to be long again so i can be as fierce as that first model.


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