Friday, October 30, 2009

Field Day

Daria in Vogue Nippon's December 2009 issue. Photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. In my opinion, Daria is timeless. Just when you've almost forgotten her she thrusts herself into a magazine sitting on your lap.. but not in that kind of dirty thrusting way, although this shoot does suggest some tumbling around in a field. Either way these shots are flawless!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cheap Mondays on Tuesdays

Denim crave! Instead of catching up on some Fine Arts readings today I decided to head over to a local mall to purchase a pair of jeans. I'm horrible.

Guilty, they are sooo last season, but that don't mean no thaaaang. "Tight ice wash" happens to be my third pair of Cheap Monday jeans in the same cut/style. When I find a cut/style that I like, I tend to stick with it and just find variations of the washes. I'm definitely more than happy with these.

And since I was referring to washes I thought it would be cute of me to provide a song by a related name.

Washed Out - Phone Call

My friend, Pamela and I both decided that we don't really have a particular "style" or look. And if we do, it changes daily. Maybe our style is exactly that. Sometimes I get all caught up in dressing a particular way. I also feel like I should act in a certain manner depending on my outfit. Indie, grunge, hipster, prep, the list truly goes on forever. At that point I actually feel like I'm losing my sense of self. As of late, I've been trying to figure out what makes me, me. You might say that I've come to a half-assed conclusion: I am who I am.. and I should really start acting more like me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


[photo from Jak & Jil]

Behold! The Men's Givenchy Spring/Summer 2010 gold studded gladiator sandal spectacularness! Cigarette butt not included. My heart swoons.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot, Hot Pants!

My god, my friend and designer Caitlin Power is beyond fantastic and talented! Recently she just finished working on her Spring/Summer 2010 line and showcased it in the first ever Alberta Fashion Week.

Somehow I doubt high-waisted leather shorts will become a popular summer staple. Even so, wearing a pair like this will make everyone aware of your high fashionista/hipster kid status!
[photo from Calgary Fashion]

The "to die for" jacket. Leather and silk play off each other to create the perfect contrast in a single piece of clothing.
[photo from Calgary Fashion]

Ultra-fab detailing and structure! Now everyone can wear leather all year round, ha.
[photo from Calgary Fashion]

I'm aware that I may be a little biased, but if you possess any fashion foresight, an idea of what people will want to wear next season or even this season, then you must give props to Ms. Power. Believe me, she deserves it.

If you'd like to have a gander at other photos and looks from this collection head over to Calgary Fashion.

Currently she is working on getting her line into local Calgary boutiques as well as looking ahead. Next stop, Toronto Fashion Week! Caitlin will definitely be a busy girl.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Vintage. Yes, it means old. Yes, it usually means that it has been previously worn. Maybe you think that's gross. Maybe you've decided to turn up your nose with disgust. Biiiiig mistake!

Elson, I salute you! In this shot both hat and jacket are vintage pieces.
[taken from the Vogue May 2009 issue]

Some reasons to start practicing the art of vintage hunting:

1. Since vintage pieces are commonly second hand, think of wearing vintage as recycling clothing.

2. Vintage is usually cheaper than purchasing something completely new. You may even want to delve into your parents' closets. When fads and trends go they tend to return and usually in a slightly redone manner. You can have shoulder pads before anyone else has them.. again and for cheaper!

3. No more harmful emissions are being pumped out to make that blouse than needed.

4. Being able to find pieces that are close to being one of a kind. If you pick up almost anything at a vintage shop in your city, you're probably not going to see anyone walking around with the exact same article.

5. Love fur? Can't get over the thought of somehow supporting the massacre of little animals? Vintage fur allows you to transfer the guilt onto the person that previously owned it, even if they never cared to begin with. Hoorah!

6. The whole process really feels like a treasure hunt. It's especially great if you enjoy treasure hunts!

Personally, I really haven't done close to enough vintage shopping. On my short list are a bag, gloves, and any kind of fabulous jacket. Happy hunting!

Fashion Fail.. Maybe?

Yes, it's very true. Obviously I have completely failed my attempt at blogging everyday, or at least on any consistent basis. Right now I feel as though I'm at this interesting spot with regards to fashion. This past year has been full of, to say the least, emotional ups and downs. I went from an being an intern at a magazine, to hating fashion and all its media, to loving fashion again, to kind of not knowing what to do with fashion, to now believing that I am finding my love for fashion again. It is such an interesting and intriguing industry. There must be some reason why I keep coming back to it.

Part of my reasoning for not actually producing any blog entries is apprehension. What do I blog about? Why do I blog? Do I even care enough to blog about anything? Everyone has their own answers to these questions, but for me, especially within the span of the last month, I have been so confused as to where I am at and to who I am as a human being.

I know that this sounds horrible, but I'm just going to force out an entry and see if anything comes from that. Absolutely no promises of blogging every again! Ha.