Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twenty Ten

Ah, the first post of 2010! And what makes it even better is that it isn't even mine! Instead, Susie rings in the new year with a reply to a reader's e-mail...

Susie discusses the reader's reference to 'class', uh-ooooh:

'Class' - I'm always baffled as to what this actually means.  'Show some class', 'She's wearing a classy outfit'.  Is it a reference to the aristocracy?  Are we talking feudal-peasant class systems?  Are we bringing in Karl Marx into the convo?  So supposedly in all other areas of life, we don't talk about distinctions of class as an unspoken rule of social ettiquette, but as soon as we're talking about a skirt or a top, suddenly the echelons of society come crashing down on us?  A confusing one for me... 

Props to Susie for really nailing how I more or less feel about fashion, style, and the personality that may be expressed or hidden. Please read the post in its entirety.

[image from Style Bubble]