Sunday, November 29, 2009

French Undies

Quintessentially Parisian! Mes oui!

Lingerieeeeee! Sonia Rykiel poised to release her house's H&M lingerie capsule collection December 5. Frankly, I doubt if any of the Calgary locations will be receiving anything remotely Rykiel, not that I'm into the whole wearing female underwear thing (hehe?). Just being able to see it (or touch it.. eeek!) in person would be super amazing.

Vive la sexy panties!

And as if Rykiel wasn't fabulous enough, she is also producing another capsule collection of the prêt-à-porter variety. Below is a little clip of the production going into the show. The collection is slated to show December 1 at ze Grand Palais, broadcasted online on the H&M website. SONIA RYKIEL POUR H&M! Duh duh duuuh!

Mushrooms, Rykiel? I wouldn't expect anything less.

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  1. those panties are...massive!
    the presentation at Grand Palais is tomorrow, can't wait to see what they came up with;)


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