Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stars Flock to Holts (.. kind of)

The new flagship Holts store in Calgary had an opening gala this past week and I'm quite surprised as to the number of celebrities that turned out. Maybe this happens all the time, but I didn't know Calgary was capable of attracting relatively well-known movie-TV stars, unless they are "required" to work on location outside the city somewhere.

It's Heather Marks, "gratuitously" flown in by MODE! Dress by Rita Liefhebber.

Kristen Bell wearing a Jenni Kayne dress. Apparently she had never been to Calgary before. I'm sure she's *ahem* excited. Look at me, just putting my city down. No, Calgary isn't a bad place to live, it's just that there are other places to live out there that aren't Calgary :) Maybe one day we'll actually get to see Kristen's face on Gossip Girl. Would the show end after that??

Christina Hendricks of Mad Men in a dress by David Szeto. I love her and her feroscha locks! I think I've really come down with a thing for red heads. Mad Men is definitely one of my favorite shows right now and she is absolutely flawless in it!

Elisha Cuthbert, Caryn Lerner (who I believe is still the president of Holts?), and Jessalyn Gilsig. Elisha was wearing a Miu Miu jacket and a Gucci dress. I have absolutely no idea what Caryn was wearing. Jessalyn was wearing a Gucci dress.

If it isn't obvious, since I wasn't present at this little shindig, I procured most of my information from the Calgary Herald, as well as all of of the photos.

Maybe next time Holts will invite me? Too bad that I'm banned for two years :)

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  1. Hahahaha! Banned? What did you do, knock over a mannequin? Put your feet up on the counter?


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