Friday, November 13, 2009

My Fairy Godmother

I finally was able to see The September Issue today and I must say that I absolutely adore it. I could care less about Anna. Grace Coddington, who is now old enough to be my grandmother, made the film what it is for me. I think it would be brilliant to have Grace as grandparent! We could go out on photo excursions and then come home to talk about cats! On a different note, it seems as though I have a thing for red heads lately... and my god, does Grace ever have hair!

Grace started modeling in her young teens and later became an editor after a car accident caused her to require plastic surgery. She now holds the position of Creative Director at American Vogue. Her position allows her to have somewhat of a free reign over the styling and concepts of shoots, which are always impeccable. The only person she really seems to answer to is of course, Anna Wintour. They appear to have a loving relationship *cough*.

Vogue's 2008 Age Issue (August) [shot by Steven Meisel]. Grace's quirky style was picked to portray the style of women in their sixties. It was only fitting to have another fellow red head, Karen Elson, essentially play Grace. God, I love that concept.

Slighty eccentric, but more of a dreamer, Grace can see beyond the realm of marketable fashion. Somehow she has the uncanny ability to envision things in a magical way that so many of us have left behind in our childhood.

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