Friday, April 10, 2009

Trendlessness, The New Trend

I recently wrote this on a late night for a British Vogue contest. Apparently the closing date was sooner than I expected and I won't be able to get it in on time. Yes, I am an idiot :)

Trends are always coming and going, but fashion remains with us none the less. How is this possible? Is fashion not a trend in itself? To avoid being burnt at the stake I will go with, "no." I just find it incredibly ridiculous how after a few designers show absolutely everyone rushes out to buy the latest python/leather stilettos, including the high and mighty fashion editors. Even I too have succumbed to trends. Yes, the shoes are very pretty but how did this sweeping decision to run off to Louis Vuitton and make an extremely expensive purchase on a pair of pumps come about?

If you have ever seen Zoolander then you may know that the movie portrays the fashion community as ruthless, money grubbing, power suit wearing snobs who are only concerned with cranking out Nikes in sweatshops at a pace beyond the birthrate of China. "What trend shall we fabricate this time?" "Leather pants!" "No, miniskirts!" "How about cerulean everything?!" Sometimes I really feel like fashion is like this. All these high profile fashion houses coming together to make the unanimous decision to have magenta as the new "it" color.

My main point besides Zoolander being a "ridiculously good looking movie" is that we are set up to follow these trends. Magazines, TV shows, even friends and family play a role. What do I think? Drop trends like they are last season's '"it" bag! Forget about these high waisted jeans and low cut tops. Wear what you want. Even something like fashion can advertise to the world whether you are a follower or a leader. You know what you like and when someone tells you otherwise or that they are not "feeling your look" tell them to go stuff it like a thirteen year old prepubescent girl. I know I might get grilled for this, but in the words of the wise and cartwheeling Betsey Johnson, "If it's pretty and you love it, it goes."


  1. AMEN michael j.!

  2. Amen! I agree. I'll wear a huge bow around my neck if it floats my boat.


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