Thursday, April 9, 2009

Robo Rhythm

Hoorah! The runway soundtrack mix for Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 2009 now is now complete! I think I almost pulled off the original.

1. Heavenly Peach Banquet - Monkey
2. Hunter - Björk
3. Into the Eastern Sea - Monkey
4. Holiday - Metronomy
5. Intro - Midnight Juggernauts
6. Ending of an Era - Midnight Juggernauts

Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2009 Runway Mix


  1. Ah, I love it! And I love the new ad campaign for Balenciaga as well! Have you seen those tights with attached heels? Very Aeon Flux. They had tights over their shoes in that movie.

  2. Yeah, love it. The movie on the other hand.. was kind of lame. Doo.Ri did it with black tights a few years ago. Her reason was that she wanted to concentrate on the clothing, not the footwear.


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