Friday, October 9, 2009


Vintage. Yes, it means old. Yes, it usually means that it has been previously worn. Maybe you think that's gross. Maybe you've decided to turn up your nose with disgust. Biiiiig mistake!

Elson, I salute you! In this shot both hat and jacket are vintage pieces.
[taken from the Vogue May 2009 issue]

Some reasons to start practicing the art of vintage hunting:

1. Since vintage pieces are commonly second hand, think of wearing vintage as recycling clothing.

2. Vintage is usually cheaper than purchasing something completely new. You may even want to delve into your parents' closets. When fads and trends go they tend to return and usually in a slightly redone manner. You can have shoulder pads before anyone else has them.. again and for cheaper!

3. No more harmful emissions are being pumped out to make that blouse than needed.

4. Being able to find pieces that are close to being one of a kind. If you pick up almost anything at a vintage shop in your city, you're probably not going to see anyone walking around with the exact same article.

5. Love fur? Can't get over the thought of somehow supporting the massacre of little animals? Vintage fur allows you to transfer the guilt onto the person that previously owned it, even if they never cared to begin with. Hoorah!

6. The whole process really feels like a treasure hunt. It's especially great if you enjoy treasure hunts!

Personally, I really haven't done close to enough vintage shopping. On my short list are a bag, gloves, and any kind of fabulous jacket. Happy hunting!

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  1. I love this. Yay for Michael writing again!!! I will totally go vintage shopping with you sometime if you want!


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