Friday, October 9, 2009

Fashion Fail.. Maybe?

Yes, it's very true. Obviously I have completely failed my attempt at blogging everyday, or at least on any consistent basis. Right now I feel as though I'm at this interesting spot with regards to fashion. This past year has been full of, to say the least, emotional ups and downs. I went from an being an intern at a magazine, to hating fashion and all its media, to loving fashion again, to kind of not knowing what to do with fashion, to now believing that I am finding my love for fashion again. It is such an interesting and intriguing industry. There must be some reason why I keep coming back to it.

Part of my reasoning for not actually producing any blog entries is apprehension. What do I blog about? Why do I blog? Do I even care enough to blog about anything? Everyone has their own answers to these questions, but for me, especially within the span of the last month, I have been so confused as to where I am at and to who I am as a human being.

I know that this sounds horrible, but I'm just going to force out an entry and see if anything comes from that. Absolutely no promises of blogging every again! Ha.

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