Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot, Hot Pants!

My god, my friend and designer Caitlin Power is beyond fantastic and talented! Recently she just finished working on her Spring/Summer 2010 line and showcased it in the first ever Alberta Fashion Week.

Somehow I doubt high-waisted leather shorts will become a popular summer staple. Even so, wearing a pair like this will make everyone aware of your high fashionista/hipster kid status!
[photo from Calgary Fashion]

The "to die for" jacket. Leather and silk play off each other to create the perfect contrast in a single piece of clothing.
[photo from Calgary Fashion]

Ultra-fab detailing and structure! Now everyone can wear leather all year round, ha.
[photo from Calgary Fashion]

I'm aware that I may be a little biased, but if you possess any fashion foresight, an idea of what people will want to wear next season or even this season, then you must give props to Ms. Power. Believe me, she deserves it.

If you'd like to have a gander at other photos and looks from this collection head over to Calgary Fashion.

Currently she is working on getting her line into local Calgary boutiques as well as looking ahead. Next stop, Toronto Fashion Week! Caitlin will definitely be a busy girl.


  1. Awesome concepts for this line up. I'm impressed.

    And trust me, trying to juggle a social life with everything else that's going on right now, isn't that fun =P

  2. Whoa, dude. Keep me posted about when these things are happening; I'd love to shoot one. Never done much fashion work. I love that jacket.


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